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Shinshinto Katana



A large ubu mumei early shinshinto katana.   Shinozukure, iroi mune, chukissaki, sakizori, extended chu-kissaki, bo hi.  Hawatare:  2 shaku 5 sun 9 bu 8 rin,  (78.74 cm or 31").  Motohaba:  3.47  cm.  Sakihaba:  2.36 cm.  Kasane:  8.3 mm.   Gunome midare, togare in konie.  Ashi and yo.  Bright habuchi.  Places where ara nie create hard spots.   The gunome continues into the kissaki, boshi is komaru with an extended kaeri.  The jigane is a hadatatsu tightly forged itame, packed with jinie, becoming masa in the ha.  There is a masterly concealed umegane, as shown on the fourth image, which was missed until it showed up in the picture.   Mounted in shirasaya, with a silver foil habaki by Brian Tschernega.  some minor scratching and staining (see third picture on the left).    Never submitted for shinsa.   $4,200         

                             A product of lighting making the hamon disappear.                            Below, close ups of areas showing hamon intact. 





Masterfully Concealed Umegane              




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