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Ezo Menuki


A set of large Ezo menuki, with much of their gilt and detail worn off with age.  My best guess is that these are an early example, and not something approaching Edo.  6.7 cm x 1.9 cm and 5.51 cm x 1.89 cm. The set is slightly unusual as they are generally the very close to the same size, and I considered the possibility of a piece being broken off, but that is not the case, as the ends are nicely rounded.   

From Richard Turner's website:

It is thought that Ezo menuki are an extension of Kyo Kanagushi menuki and appeared in the Kamakura period. They continued on in to the early Edo period. It was also thought that Ezo had some connection to the Ainu but during the later part the 20th century, research found that many of the earlier Japanese sword mountings had Ezo menuki were in those mounts and as a result, it is believed that they did in fact have nothing to do with the Ainu and are probably from the surrounding areas of Kyoto or some other metropolitan city.                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Boxed                               $750


Finished end without a break

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