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Chinese Sages Fuchi-Kashira



A very attractive large unsigned fuchi-kashira set of three Chinese sages.  The fuchi has an elaborate panoramic picture as shown below.  A great deal of detail, probably only visible to the most near sighted among us, such as the diffeence in color of the sage's beard, binding on the book, and the scrolling decoration on the pillar on the fuchi.  A shibuichi base with shakudo, gold, silver, and red copper in takazogan and nunome, and details in keibori.  Fuchi: 3.89 cm x 2.28 cm x 1.24 cm.  Kashira: 3.51 cm x 1.59 cm. x 1.03 cm.  An ideal set for either mounting or collecting.                                                     Boxed                    $350


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