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Bizen Kiyomitsu



An ubu katana signed, Bizen Kuni Ju Osafune Kiyomitsu / Eitoku ju ni nen ni gatsu hi (a day in February, 1569)  Hawatare 2 saku 2 sun 8 bu (69.089 cm / 27.2")   Motohaba: 3.125 cm.  Sakihaba:   2.237 cm.   Kasane:  6.68 mm.  A wide notare midare hamon with ko-gunome, choji, wide ashi iri,  yo, bright nioi habuchi, hotsure boiling into tobiyaki, areas of nijuba, strong gunome choji midare utsure, nado.  The pattern of the hamon continues into the boshi.  Itame hada with pronounced gunome midare utsure.   In recent polish, mounted in older shirasaya with a one piece gold habaki.   The weiight of the habaki would argue for solid gold, rather than plate, but that is only a guess on my part.  NBTHK Tokunetsu Hozon. 

 Kiyomitsu smiths who signed, Bizen Kuni Osafune, taking Osafune as part of their title, seem to have started aroud Eisho (1504 - 1521).  There were a cluster of very good smiths around Eitoku (1558 - 1570), most of whom signed with an extensive title.   While I have not been able to find a signature reference, the mizu radical on the left side of the Kiyo kanji, is three dots, rather than two dots and diagonal.  The only Kiyomitsu that I found was a much earlier smith.  The workmanship on this sword is consistent with those that have seen with rates of josaku and jojosaku.  I would feel comfortable submitting this for juyo consideration. 


Gunome Choji Midare Utsure, Hotsure, Tobiyaki


Gunome Midare Utsure




One Piece Golld Habaki



NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon

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