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Akasaka Tsuba



A large early style Akasaka tsuba.  8.39 cm x 8.23 cm x  5.2 mm.  Good black patina and fine tekotsu.  The excavation of the seppadai is something that I have seen in ko-kinko, though usually more oval in keeping with the shape of the tsuka.  An iaido fractioned, said that this created a shock absorber effect, and allowed for better cutting.  I have no idea.  I have found similar tsuba, without the altered seppadai,  offered out of Japan at $1,200 and $1,400.         $750

The following genealogy of the eight generations of Akasaka smiths lists only the date of death.

Tadamasa (Suemon) 1657

Tadamasa (Shozaemon) 1677

Masatora (Shozaemon) 1707

Tadatoki (Hikojiro). Later changed his name to Tadamune also known as Oyahiko (parent Hiko). The date of his death is unrecorded.

Tadatoki Refered to Naka Hiko (middle Hiko) 1764

Tadatoki (Hikojuro) 1796

Tadatoki (Hikojuro) 1805

Tadatoki (Hikojuro) Date work as late as Kaei (1848 - 1854)


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